The Place of a Father

Some bonds can never be broken

Genre: Memoir

This vivid memoir follows the journey of a woman, separated from her father at a very young age, and her longing for her absent father, throughout her life. It takes the reader on a journey through different countries and many life changing experiences. After her father abandoned his family, and her mother took her children back to France, the heroin was thrown into a much different world. She grew up in a small French town, where despite the love and caring of her grand-parents, she felt mostly out of place. At the age of 21, she will migrate back to America, the country where she feels she belongs. There, she embarks on an exciting adventure, rediscovering a country where she will find success, love and sometimes hardship. Despite being absent, her father is a central theme, influencing not only the person she becomes, but also many of her life choices.

The yearning of a father’s love and the unbreakable bond between father and daughter pervade this emotional tribute. The heroin’s search culminates, when she finally gets reunited with her father, in her forties. Instead of focusing on the lost time and their deep regrets, father and daughter strive to make the best of this late reunion. They decide of a common accord to turn their back on the painful past and pick up where they left off, forty years ago.

Together, they embark on a series of road trips, where they get to know each other, and discover how similar they are. As they spend increasing time with each other, they learn to overcome old hurt and develop a rich positive relationship. This story demonstrates that the special bond between father and daughter can overcome many odds. It also demonstrates how crucial a father is to his child, at any age. In a society where so many fathers are estranged from their children, this testament make a strong point in reminding the readers that fathers are in many ways, as important as mothers are.

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