Most of us are living in a place where businesses and people never come to a full stop. Our lives are inhabited by constant noises and stimuli that are difficult to shut down. We forget the importance and quality of silence because we rarely experience it. However, when we encounter total silence, on brief occasions, we quickly recognize how deeply it can affect us.
Total quietness creates a space in our mind where memories and ideas, old and new, can expand and enrich our well-being. It helps eliminate the sensorial chaos that surrounds us and infiltrate our existence, bringing us tremendous peace. Silence seems to lift the fog that sometimes clouds our judgement. It provides that much needed room for your inner self to appear.
Continuous noise, either intense or moderate, only adds to the stress factor, affecting our senses negatively. Scientists have determined that noise raises the level of cortisol our bodies releases. When we are surrounded by sounds, we live in a state of auditory alert, constantly filtering all the noises we perceive. It has become increasingly difficult to enjoy silence, particularly in urban settings. Even in museums and churches, we can hear the buzzing of cellular phones. In public spaces and waiting rooms, half of the people are talking out loud on their devices. As helpful as electronics are, they have joined the culprits of noise pollution in mass.
Most of us know that silence is indeed golden, however, we have been conditioned to accept environmental noise. We have become reluctant to immerse ourselves in silence and it takes a conscious effort to create that stillness in our daily life.
We often feel that being a good conversationalist is essential. Sometimes we talk just to fill the silence. What about refraining from talking and speaking only when we have something honest, kind and meaningful to say? How can we be sure that we are not hurtful with our words if we never reflect on what we are about to say?
Silence equals time. It takes time to find that perfect state. When we are plunged in total silence, the notion of time disappears and liberates us from its limitations. It is truly magic to daydream freely for as long as our mind wants to. It is also very empowering to utilize silence for meditation. No wonder some religious orders practice silence as a path to better themselves.
Allowing silence into our life, even for some brief moments will improve our mental and emotional clarity. It might even improve our health. For some, it might take a complete reconditioning while it might seem easy for others. The first step is to recognize that we need relief from this chaotic world from time to time, and that silence can provide that healthy respite.