The man in Warnaco park

Early morning last Saturday, I took my dog to the park a few blocks away from the house. It was early enough to startle the squirrels and other wild creatures that were gathering in the morning dew. I thought I was the only person there and started humming blissfully,...

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Reconditioning our mind

Periodically, the media feels obligated to segment the epidemics of obesity and asthma in America. It would be imprudent to ignore those blatant problems. Still I don’t see armed guards standing by Mc Donald’s, Monsanto and other culprits. The truth is; our government...

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Allowing silence into your life

Most of us are living in a place where businesses and people never come to a full stop. Our lives are inhabited by constant noises and stimuli that are difficult to shut down. We forget the importance and quality of silence because we rarely experience it. However,...

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