Periodically, the media feels obligated to segment the epidemics of obesity and asthma in America. It would be imprudent to ignore those blatant problems. Still I don’t see armed guards standing by Mc Donald’s, Monsanto and other culprits. The truth is; our government does not care about American’s health, especially their eating habits. There is too much money at stake! Most of us are not too worried about getting sick until it happens. And it happens at alarming rates! According to Chapman University survey on fear in America, getting sick is not among the first ten fears troubling our citizen! But wait, the leading causes of death in Americans are health related (9 out of 10 according to the CDC)! The study shows that 33% of Americans are worried about high medical bills and 35% are worried about illness in their loved ones. But they seem to be in denial when it comes to their own health because it is not listed in their preoccupations. The first fear listed in the study is corrupt government officials (almost 67%). However, the second most cited fear is terrorist attacks! The level of anxiety caused by the threat of terrorism does not reflect reality but rather the success of the propaganda generated by the government and the media. In fact, Americans are much less likely to die from terrorism than being struck by lightning. I don’t know anyone that is afraid of getting struck by lightning!

Humans are predisposed to fear. It is a reaction that can be easily manipulated and created. Fear should always be based on real threats, not fictitious ones. Why be afraid of some dangers that might never happen? The feeling is far too crippling and keeps a person in a state of alert that is not only counterproductive but also exhausting.

Fear comes in many forms. Our own society manipulates it to remind each of us to comply. No one really wants to be sanctioned for stepping out of line and challenging the status quo. In many instances the latent fear of disapproval will hold you back. Many of us might experience the fear of becoming successful. We have been drilled into accepting that we should be content with what we have, instead of reaching out for the stars. Even well-meaning friends and family members might laugh at our dreams and cast a shadow of doubts over our endeavors. Our career as writers have been delayed by the facts of life but also by its uncertainty. What if we don’t make it? What if no one likes us or what we write? We could be ridiculed for believing in our own talent. We could be exposed as fools for being ambitious!

As soon as we acknowledge our fear and defy it, we can accomplish anything we want. Fear will keep coming at you. However, as time goes by and you keep rejecting its power over you, it will subside and let you be. We all have it in ourselves to win that battle by reconditioning our minds and exercising free will.