Most people are quick to affirm that the grass is not greener on the other side, and usually offer strong resistance to change. Why do they insist on discouraging any attempt of breaking free from the routine and the status quo? They grudgingly look on when some individuals embrace their personal need for change and adventure. Too often a crowd of disapproving acquaintances will expect a person to fail on its venture, eager to be proven right about their warning; the grass isn’t always greener ….

It seems to me that the most successful people are the ones that took a chance, without fear of what they might loose or the fact that indeed, they could fail and end up with much less than before.

Don’t come raining on my parade! Life is an adventure. If we are not going to live to the fullest of its potential or at least try to, what is the point in all this. If you would rather stay put, quietly ensconced in temporary, earthly comfort until the day you leave this life, you are missing out on all the experiences that can teach you about your humanity.

We come to the world empty handed, without prejudice, ready to explore the world and we live empty handed. We leave behind all this material stuff we spent so much time and energy accumulating. However the life experiences, human connections and spiritual advances we gain by stepping out of our comfort zone stay within us. They become an integral part of who we are and they stay with us forever, imprinted in our souls into our next soul’s journey.

So, step out. Be brave, be adventurous, be inquisitive and bold. Reach out for your dreams and aspirations wherever they may take you.